Ro Plant Manufacturers in India

Ro Plant Manufacturers in India



Automatic Bottling Plant of 120 BPM

Details of Machine :







Mineral water can be safely defined as potable water, containing the necessary Mineral nutrients required by the body and beneficial to human metabolism.


Potable spring waters containing, sulphur, Iron, Magnesium and other mineral salts occurring in certain regions are claimed to be beneficialto human metabolism. The therapeutic value of such waters is questionable carbonated mineral water also contain lithium salts.


Natural fresh water supplies are derived indirectly from the oceans. The water flows over the surface or percolates in to the ground excess water flows back to the oceans completing the hydrological cycle.


Water supplies are classified as


  1. Surface supplies and


  1. Underground water, Surfaces waters are rivers, lakes, ponds and reservolrs.


We’lls and spring are the sources of underground water.


Water vapor in clouds is generally pure but gathers dust and gases when if reached the earth suspended organic matter and soil turbidity are picked up. We ll waters usually are free from suspended materials and organic matters due to filtrations through the earth. Surface water are generally low in mineral content but relatively high in suspended and organic materials.






  Ionics & Dissolved   Undissolved
Cationic   Anionic Solid   Gaseous
Calcium   Bicarbonate Alkalininty Turbidity,  Mud Dirt  & Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
Magnesium   Carbonate Organics *   Oxygen
Sodium   Hydroxyl Colour*   Hydrogen Sulfide
Potassium   Sulfate Micro organisms   Ammonia
Ammonium   Chloride Algae   Methane
Iron   Nitrate, Phosphate, Bacteria, Oil    
Manganeses   Silica, Fluoride, Metal Oxides,    
    Organics* Colour* Hydroxides    


  • Organic material may be suspended or dissolved, ionic or nonionic.








Inorganic Mg/ltr.
Arsenic 0.05
Barium 1.00
Cadmium 0.010
Chromium 0.05
Lead 0.002
Mercury 1.0
Nitrate 0.01
Selenium Fluoride 1.4-2.4
Edrin 0.0002
Lindane 0.004
Methoxuchlor 0.1
Toxaphene (2,4,5 –dichlorphenoxy) 0.0005
Acetic Acid 0.01
Turbidity NTU 1 – 5




Mineral water is pouch & bottle under very hygienic conditions under strict quality control before being marketed. Its major use is in Hotels, Hospitals, Tourist Place, Function & people houses where good quality pure water is required for potable purposes. It is marketed at places and regions where hygienic drinking water is not freely available.




The consumption of mineral water is linked with Public Health as the concept has virtually been imported from the Western Media. The necessity and hygienic nature of the product has led to an increase in its consumption in mainly the high income grade people and Tourist. India’s potential for Tourism is virtually limitless.


The mineral water is one of the important item which is directly consumed by people all over the world. Due to consideration of Health view point the consumption of ordinary water is gradually decreasing. The ordinary water contains is many toxic elements, impurities which some time causes fatal. People are generally being aware to consume clean pure water where is available. Some time people have to suffer from different diseases. The mineral water consumption is well advised. So major consumption of mineral water is generally assessed by the number of people & Tourist. They generally consume mineral water sealed in pouch & bottle.














Advance technology by Reverse Osmosis System (Filtration)





Post Filtration & U V Sterilized





Blending with Ozonization





Quality control & Testing







Bottling                         Pouch Packing                 Cup Filling & Jar Filling














Best Quality / Widest Options / Competitive Price / We offer customized solutions to match the requirement of our valued clients.




 To meet customer requirement and satisfaction by providing services on time, every time.


To build and sustain relationships with our valued customers.


We refer to our personal discussion had with the undersigned in connection with your requirement of Water Treatment Plants and other machineries for your upcoming project to manufacture Packaged Drinking Water. We wish you the best success for the same.


As discussed, we are sending herewith our complete offer for the plant and machineries. . System is designed to produce water as per International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) .









Bottle Rinsing, Filling & Capping M/C


 Automatic Mineral Water Bottling Pet bottle filling machine

(120 BPM) for 200 ml to 2000 ml.


We are pleased to send quotation for our automatic NECK holding , filling & capping machine

120 BPM ,for bottling non carbonated mineral water in standard range of PET bottles and plastic cap sealing.


The machine is composed of:




8 FEET long infeed conveyor with S.S. guided. Empty bottles have to be loaded manually on this conveyor.


  • RINSING SYSTEM (18 head)


The bottles are automatically picked by the rinsing rotor, using spring loaded grippers. Bottles are inverted automatically to start the rinsing cycle which in most cases used product water as the rinse medium. Mechanical rinse valve provides the feature , which safeguards against wastage of treated water. Than after bottles are held at the neck, there is no distortion of the bottle profile. At the end of the rinsing cycle, the bottle is drained of most residual water, before being straightened out and handed over to the filling rotor.





The filling system fills every bottles to the desired volume adopting the Vent pipe filling principle for accurate filling.The mechanical spring loaded filling valves are actuated automatically by the bottles when lifted up to commence filling.In this stage again the bottles are held at the neck by neck holding lifters.





In capping system the bottles held at the neck firmly during capping to produce absolutely leak proof results. Hopper which can accommodate upto one thousand caps.








16 feet long SS slat conveyor with SS guide Our price for design, Engineering & Supply of Packaged drinking water purification plant with Pouch packing M/c, Glass filling Machine, Bottle Rinsing, filling & Capping m/c & Molding and utility accessories , As well as Lab as per Bis mark for packaged drinking water .








ISO 9001:2008 Aquafilter Machines is one of the leading manufactures and solution provider in the tube filling & liquid filling packaging industries in Lucknow , UP -India.

We manufacture packaging machinery for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, health care, chemical, herbal, food, and many more segments.

Aquafilter was established in 2010 and in this period we have different model and different designs of tube filling machine.

We design machine on customers demand with price effective models our machines very unique designs, easily operable, easy handling for the customers.

We introduce the latest model in the tube packaging machinery “Combo machine” it is very friendly design to suit both aluminum & laminated plastic tubes.

It takes the lower & minimum time change over to metal to plastic tubes.

In the word of combine out put with minimum down time & money saver.

We has proven the quality, performance, & filling the various types of filling materials like pharmaceuticals.



Our product range:

  1. Aluminium & collapsible tube filling machine (Semi & fully automatic)
  2. Lami & plastic tube filling machine (Semi & fully automatic)
  3. Combo tube filling machine (Semi & fully automatic)
  4. Container or jar filling machine (Semi & fully automatics)
  5. Volumetric liquid filling machine (Semi & fully automatics)
  6. Bottle & container capping machine (Semi & fully automatics)
  7. Glue & Sticker labelling machine (Automatics)
  8. Rotary washing machine (Automatics)
  9. High speed rotary washing machine (Automatics)
  10. SS Cupboards, lockers and Cabinets
  11. SS storage tanks & Pressure vessels


We are well equipped with sophisticated production facilities that facilitate us in manufacturing high quality cosmetic packaging machines and pharmaceutical packaging machinery of international quality standards. We have installed technically advanced and automatic machines that manufacture product par excellence. Our production capacity is highly flexible, which enable us in meeting the bulk and immediate requirements of our clients.







Quality Assurance

At Aquafilter, quality is our specialty. We understand the importance of quality as one of the most sought after corporate strengths, which consolidates a firm client base and a growing bottom line.

We procure only quality raw material from reliable vendors and have adopted stringent quality control measures at different stages of production and supply to ensure undisputed quality and authenticity.

All the products that we manufacture are checked on the parameters of:

  • Efficiency
  • Longer life
  • Durability
  • Robustness
  • Less power consumption

Customer Satisfaction

Our company has always worked towards attaining total customer satisfaction through our integrated work approach that combines innovation with latest advancements and at the same time meeting the specific requirements of the customers.




“AQUAFILTER” Well Known a Manufacturer Of Mineral Water Bottling Machine, Packaged Drinking water bottling machine, pure water bottling machine, natural water bottling plant, Carbonated Drink Bottling Machine, Synthetic Juice Bottling Machine, natural Juice Hot Filling Bottling Machine, Pharma ( syrup ) bottling machine, Filling Capping Machine, Soft Drink glass bottling Machine, Flavored Milk bottling Machine, Flavored Water Bottling Machine, PET bottling Machine, Glass bottling machine, PET Can Rinser Filler Seamer Machine, Soda bottling Machine, Shampoo bottling Machine, Oil Bottling Machine etc. We customized machine as per customer requirement according customer products.


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