cold storage project cost, Ice Factory Project Cost

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If an ice plant is included with the cold storage, the additional investment for ice plant may also be included in the financial outlay. The average cost of a 5000 tonnes capacity cold storage is about Rs. 150 lakhs and the tentative expenditure on broad heads is given at Annexure III.


cold storage deep freezer (blue star)will cost 15000 to 45000 depending on what size … subsidy admissible would be Rs.60 lakh @ 33.33% of the project cost.

Integrated Packhouse
with mechanised facility
for S&G, Washing, etc
₹50 lakh per unit;
min size of 9m x 18m
Pre-cooling unit ₹25 lakh per unit of 6
Cold room (Staging) ₹15 lakh per unit of 30
Mobile pre-cooling unit ₹25 lakh per unit


Reefer Vehicles ₹26lakh/ 9MT unit (NHM)
₹30lakh/15MT unit (NHB)
Processing units
₹25 lakh/unit
₹1 lakh/MT for max
capacity 300MT


Cold Store
Type 1: Basic, large
chambers (of >250
MT each) for single
product storage /
temperature zone.
₹ 8000/MT for max
capacity 5000MT (NHM)
₹ 7600/ MT for capacity
5001 to 6500 MT (NHB)
₹ 7200/MT for capacity
6501 to 8000 MT (NHB)
₹ 6800/MT for capacity
8001 to 10000 MT (NHB)


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