Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine


Pet Bottle Blowing Machine comprises of two-step automatic pet stretch-blow molding machines that are based on preheat process so as to offer optimum

We offer pet stretch blowing machine from famous brand ‘global pet‘. The ‘global pet‘ machines are two stage, linear type blow moulding machines with simple


These machines are used for manufacturing bottles and jars of size 25 ml to 25 litre.capacity made from polyethylene Terephatalate (PET) preform by thermal processing and stretch blowing. … This series offers the biaxial orientation Stretch Blow Moulding Machine to produce Pet Blow machines

An article in the December 2014 issue (Blow Molding Know-How) offered tips on how to address uneven wall thickness in stretchblow molding.

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1 SET We are offering semi auto

matic pet blow molding machines and PET stretch blow molding machine which is equipped with combination of pneumatic and …

Mould Cavity‎: ‎2 cavity
Output‎: ‎1200BOH
Max Output‎: ‎1200BPH
STRETCH BLOW MOULDING PET BOTTLES This process involves the production of hollow objects, such as bottles, having biaxial molecular orientation.
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