Aquafilter Swift 15 ltr Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+UF Water Purifier — Aquafilter Swift 15 ltr Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+UF Water Purifier Vontron Membrane 75 Gpd Vontron Membrane 75 Gpd —

Aquafilter Alkaline Ro Water Purifier


Major Benefits of Alkaline Water Detoxify : Flush Out Body Toxins Anti-Oxidize : Neutralize Free Radicals Hydrate : Easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus Super Hydrating your Body.

Alkalize your Body: It helps in balancing the body s pH which tends to be acidicbecause of high acidic food diet, Stress, Environmental toxins etc.

Features : Hot & cold water facility Purification by RO + Alkalizer Natural organic and chemical free alkaline filter High purification capacity of 15 ltrs./hr 10 ltrs of storage capacity Enhance pHvalue of water Supplies essential minerals like Mg, K, Na, Fe, Ca, Fe, etc.

Kills bacteria in water & improves the taste of water NSF &FDA Certified

Alkaline Cartridge Technology: RO+Alkalizer

Storage Capacity:10 ltrs

Purification Capacity:15 ltrs/hr

Membrane:75/80 GPD Pump:100 GPD

Dimensions:20(H)*14.5(W)*8(D) inches

Weight:8 Kg



Features :


• 11 Stage purification by RO+Alkalizer

• Natural Organic and Chemical free alkaline filter

• High Purification capacity of 15 litre/hr.

• 13 ltrs. Storage capacity.

• Enhance pH value of water.

• Supplies essential minerals like mg, K, Na, Ca, Fe Etc.

• Kills bacteria in water & improves the taste of water.

Specifications Model Name Alkalescent Technology RO+Alkalizer Storage Capacity 10 ltrs Purification Capacity 15 litre/hr Membrane 80 gpd Pump 100 Gpd


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