Best Quality Ro Plant & Bottle Machine Company in India

Best Quality Ro Plant & Bottle Machine Company in India


We as an Industrial water purification system manufacturer are here to proposing contemporary, competent and cost effective water purification plant that is designed to filter, destroy and recover all contaminants from water and delivers truly purified version of the water that is ideal for industrial use or releasing into the environment. Through the relentless efforts in the water purification technology, Aquafilter has become a renowned name among the industries for providing the forefront solution associated with the water purification. Today, we are India’s largest manufacturer of the industrial RO plant, Water Treatment Plant, Commercial Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant,


So if you are looking for the effective water purification system, Aquafilter ISI certified range can be a valuable investment for your wants.

Be it commercial, industrial, sewage, effluent, bore well water purification, we have the top notch solution for your requirement, our water purification systems incorporates contemporary mechanisms and processes that thoroughly treat waters that have been deteriorated somehow by industrial or commercial activities ahead of releasing into the environment or reuse.

The water treated by our water purified meets all the water quality standards and for what is highly valued among the industries dealing with the waste water.

With the elongated years of experience in machining the water purification system, today we have gained that competency by which means we are qualified to interpret and outline the effective water purification system.

We have proven our success in the municipal and government institutions, assorted industries, laboratories, commercial segments and all other verticals where waste water comes into depiction.


The scale development is common difficulty, while using bore well water or tap water as it embraces high amount of chlorine, salt, and nitrate and therefore water treatment has become a paramount at the huge scale to prevent the scale formation.

The offered water treatment plant is designed to obtain highly purified water to resolve the scale formation problem of the water cooling system.

Our water treatment plant is a combination of a water softener, ultra filtration system and reverse osmosis system, which is configured with the highest precision by employing top grade 316 Stainless steel components.

Sturdier construction, high efficiency and longer life span are the convincing reasons for the immense popularity of our water treatment plant in the market.

The water purified by our water treatment plant does not develop scale on the water cooling system and hence improves the performance of the respective plant, used at a commercial level, thanks to the highest quality standards enabling accurate filtering of the water.

This water treatment plant is valued in miscellany commercial premise, including school, college, hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other large scale premises where water cooling system is significant part.

We are well versed to provide this water treatment plant in different dimensions as per the end user requirement at the most competitive rates and that’s what makes us distinctive in the market.



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